Summer Lesson Building (Algebra II Honors: Extrema of Polynomial Functions)

A couple of months ago, I ran across a lecture that featured this graph:

Gobal and Local Extrema Lesson_1

This graph shows the water consumption on February 28, 2014 by the city of Edmonton during the gold medal men’s hockey game during the last Winter Olympics (in which Canada defeated Sweden 3-0). My students will try to answer one simple question: What can this graph tell us?

I’m expecting that the conversation will drift toward the fact that there are some weird peaks and valleys. Then, we can figure out what those peaks and valleys are.

In case you’re curious:

Gobal and Local Extrema Lesson_2

My hope is that this conversation can create a need for the importance of local and global maxima and minima. We’ll do the typical defining and practicing:

Gobal and Local Extrema Lesson_3

Gobal and Local Extrema Lesson_4

Gobal and Local Extrema Lesson_5

Gobal and Local Extrema Lesson_6

My hope is that the students get a sense of an example where maxima and minima mean something.


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