Summer Lesson Building (Algebra II Honors: Solving One Variable Equations)

The first day of Algebra II is a chance to get my students up and running with something they know how to do, but may not remember the meaning behind it. They’ll walk in the door to the following warm-up:

Solving Equations Lesson_1

For the first ten minutes or so of class, we’ll focus on the idea of the solution is the value that balances each mobile:

Solving Equations Lesson_2

Solving Equations Lesson_3

I expect my students to bring equations into this with some sort of notation (whether it’s using squares and triangles, or variables). We’ll discuss the connection between the solution to an equation and it being the value that balances the two sides.

Next, we’ll practice solving one variable equations:

Solving Equations Lesson_4

Solving Equations Lesson_5

My students will solve them and explain the process. We’ll start the process of talking about inverses during the discussion about “the reverse order of operations.”

This lesson is meant to be a review of something they’re already comfortable with and a nice way to begin the year. The second half or so of class will focus on procedures and expectations.



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