Summer Lesson Building (AP Statistics Defining Variables)

With EOC scores out and AP scores about to go live, it’s time to start building next year’s curriculum. I am moving forward on the assumption that I’ll be teaching the same preps next year (as dangerous as that may be). I’m posting these lesson plan ideas with the hope to open conversation and develop better lessons. Feel free to post any thoughts you may have:

The first day of school in AP Statistics will begin with this warm-up:
Chapter 1 Introduction_1

I’ve worked with this set-up before with a group of teachers at the Summer Statistics Institute. This question really led to some good conversation:

Chapter 1 Introduction_2

My hope is that the group can come to a definition of what a statistical question is compared to a mathematical question. Somewhere in that conversation, we’ll define what a variable is and the types of variables (categorical vs. quantitative).

Chapter 1 Introduction_3

Chapter 1 Introduction_4

This lesson is built around a MAFS 6th grade standard. I don’t know that my students have ever had a conversation like this one. I’m going to try to do a better job this year of not assuming that my students really understand the difference between mathematics and statistics, and what better way than begin day 1 with that conversation. There will be some practice:

Chapter 1 Introduction_5

Chapter 1 Introduction_6

Then, the rest of the period will be about routines and expectations for the school year.

Any thoughts?


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