Mr. Cloud Needs Your Help!

I am planning a lesson in which my students have to figure out which is bigger:

FC Barcelona’s soccer field or Florida State’s football field

Here’s the slide my students will see:

Introduction to Area Meaning Field Dimensions Lesson_1

There will be a twist, but I’ll give details about that after the lesson. What I need you to do is answer the poll below about which you think is bigger. This is just gut reaction…no research. Leave comments if you feel like you need to justify your choice. All data collected and comments left will be discussed on Tuesday in class.


7 thoughts on “Mr. Cloud Needs Your Help!

  1. Bias bc you, your Facebook friends (many) and students live in Tallahassee and have a more realistic understanding of Doak. I voted based on which one was “bigger” in my life! Haha and I thought about volume, including the classrooms and offices that are part of Doak. Good luck!

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